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How Steep Will Your New Growth Curve Be?

While Velloe provides a great way for you to give back to the community, being listed in our directory will also help you grow your business. Here’s how:


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Get Found By New People

Get listed in Velloe’s directory and get found. Millennials routinely check their smartphones to find local businesses, and now they can walk into yours. Socially conscious customers who wouldn’t have known about you before now have access to your business thanks to your listing in the Velloe app.


Stand Out In a Crowd

Customers are increasingly looking to make their purchases at CSR-related businesses that make a commitment to social responsibility. About 60% of millennials have bought a product related to an environmental or social cause within the past year, but close to 90% would like to. Sign up with Velloe and amplify your message for those who want to hear it most.


Gain Loyal Customers

People are much more loyal to companies that are committed to CSR and being socially conscious. Millennials in particular seem to be driven by a desire to do good in this world and want the companies they shop at to be the same way. Show your customers that you’re a business that cares, and attract a market of young consumers that’s far more likely to stick to your brand.

As you can tell, joining Velloe will help you do more for the community but it’ll grow your business too. Commit to taking our 10% pledge to solidify your authenticity and start connecting with socially conscious consumers today!

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