At Velloe, we help GOOD businesses WIN! Here’s how…

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever and increasingly use their smartphones to make choices at the time of purchase. The evidence is clear:

  • 90% of consumers choose the more socially responsible product or service if given choices that are similarly priced, and
  • customers are more loyal to those brands and are more likely to refer their friends


Reasons to Register for Velloe today:

  • Attract new customers and Grow Your Business
  • Stand out in the community by showing the causes you support on Velloe’s mobile friendly listings
  • With your increase in revenue, giving a donation to your favorite charities will be even easier!  And that can help you gain even more followers
  • Velloe provides easy ways to allow users to favorite your company and share what you do with their social networks
  • Reduce or eliminate advertising costs by building your customer base using Velloe’s communication tools
  • Build loyalty and retain more repeat customers by keeping them engaged through updates on news around your cause, perhaps even garnering a donation
  • Get started on Velloe today with only ten minutes or less




Velloe allows socially responsible businesses to get their message out to socially conscious consumers. We help GOOD businesses, win.



* This offer is available to new Businesses registering on Velloe. Your Velloe business listing will be free until September 30, 2016.

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