You run a charity and do amazing work. You believe in your cause and you make the world a better place, every day. Fundraising is an important part of what you do and it takes a lot of work.

We think there’s a better way. Velloe is committed to helping you spend more time and money on fulfilling your mission and less time fundraising. That’s why we help businesses connect with socially conscious consumers that support your cause.

We know how important it is to foster good connections with your donors and sponsors, and now there’s an easy way to increase engagement, donations and public support. We aim to raise donations to charities by 300% by 2020 using our community engagement application that is completely free for registered charities.

Why sign up?

  • It’s free for charities!
  • Engage with your donors, sponsors and supporters online
  • Socially conscious users can favorite your charity and shop at businesses that support your cause
  • Get real time information on businesses that connect with you
  • Allow socially responsible businesses to create and send special offers to customers that support your cause
  • Businesses are asked to take the Velloe pledge and increase their donations when they benefit from increased customer traffic
  • Velloe is committed to being a leader in donating money to registered charities. We believe companies should be socially responsible in how they operate within the community, read more in our mission statement.
  • Velloe also provides a means to amplify your message beyond your donor base to all Velloe users in your area

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Charities have a new way to engage with supporters and to help them benefit from their passion from what you do.



of consumers indicated they would donate to a charity supported by a company they trust

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