Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

At Velloe, we’re committed to answering your questions about our social responsibility app that helps businesses committed to doing good. If you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere on our site, then browse through our FAQ’s to see if you can find your answer here.


What is Velloe?

Velloe is a revolutionary new app that allows socially conscious consumers to increase the impact they are making in their community by choosing socially responsible businesses. Businesses connect to the charities they support and take the Velloe 10% pledge, so as companies prosper and do good, so does the community.

How can I access Velloe?

Velloe works on most smart phones; iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone as well as any computer through an internet browser. We make sure that you can use our online directory no matter where and when you need it.

How is Velloe doing good and improving my community? 

Not only does Velloe connect consumers that want to make smart purchases with businesses that are actively contributing to charities, we encourage businesses to make the Velloe 10% Pledge with their new found revenue. Velloe has also committed to donating generously to registered charities.  See our Mission Statement for more details.

How much does it cost?

The app is free for anyone to use. For charities and consumers registration is free, businesses can list on our directory for only $99 USD per year, which is less than 28 cents per day. Check out our registration page to sign up now.

What do I do if I believe someone is making a false claim on Velloe

Velloe is serious about maintaining the integrity of the platform for only socially responsible businesses.  Please refer to our Integrity Policy for guidance.

How do I list my business in Velloe if I don’t donate to Charity, commit to doing good or give back to my community?

We’re sorry, but Velloe is only available to socially responsible businesses.  If you change your mind, please make a meaningful contribution to a registered charity and return to register here.

I don’t have an iPhone or Android phone. Can I still access Velloe?

Yes! You don’t need an app from Android or Apple to enjoy Velloe on the go. To access your account, just use the internet browser on your Blackberry, Windows Phone or whatever smartphone you have, and log in at

Do I have to download anything?

We encourage you to download our app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon. For businesses and charities who just want to list on the directory do not need to download anything. Velloe is still accessible through your internet browser, all that’s required to start doing good is a basic computer and an internet connection and you can get started right away.


Is this a donation site?

We do not accept donations, but we strongly encourage you to donate to charities that you believe in. Charities may choose to provide their donation link in their Velloe listing.

Who can sign up for Velloe?

Everyone! We want every person to think consciously about where their dollar is being spent, we want every business to prosper and give back to the causes they believe in, and we want charities to gain funding so we can all make the world a better place!


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