Integrity Policy

Effective Date: December 1, 2014

Velloe is serious about maintaining the integrity of the platform to help improve the world. We also respect that the world is a diverse place and that there can be multiple viewpoints on whether a specific cause is socially responsible or not.

Velloe’s perspective is that it is not our place to judge right from wrong nor take sides between conflicting viewpoints.  We provide a platform to help people, businesses, charities and other social causes to come together to make the world a better place and we believe that the community at large (“court of public opinion”) is the most effective means to vote with the choices they make.  We simply help everyone to make more informed, socially conscious choices.

Our policy is as follows:


Everyone is expected to comply with our Terms of Service including our Acceptable Use Policy.


Any organization that is officially registered as a Charitable Organization (or equivalent) and in good standing in their local jurisdiction (usually signified as having a charitable registration number) is eligible to list as a charity on Velloe.

Other organisations that do not have official Charitable status are not permitted to list as a Charity.


Any business may subscribe to Velloe and state their socially responsible causes and/or connect with charitable organizations that they support.

When Businesses link to Charities

  • Charities can see all organizations that have chosen to link to them on Velloe and monitor those linkages as frequently as they wish.  Velloe provides Charities with a simple option to “disavow” any organization they do not wish to maintain a linkage to. This option gives Charities complete control to determine their own policy around who may connect and what levels of support (financial, volunteer, in-kind, pro-bono, sponsorship, etc.) are sufficient to maintain a link. Furthermore they may choose to have no formal policy and make their choices on a case-by-case basis.
  • If you feel a link is inappropriate, your only remedy is to discuss it with the business and/or charity, however the charity has the ultimate decision.

When Businesses specify socially responsible causes

  • The first step should be to discuss your concerns with the business manager, since there may be a simple misunderstanding or need for clarification in communication.
  • If you still feel that a false or exaggerated claim is being made you may inform Velloe using our Integrity Form. Note that you must provide valid, fact-based information to support your claim.
  • If the claim is properly substantiated, Velloe will notify the organization named in the Integrity Report and they will be given 30 days to respond or change their claims.
  • Velloe will review both perspectives and ascertain next steps which may result in dismissing the complaint, de-listing the business or following up with one or both parties for further investigation.
  • Note that making a false claim, making a false complaint or submitting a nuisance complaint is a serious offence.

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