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#Velloe: Make your world better.



What is Velloe?

Velloe is a way of empowering people to do good for their community. We created a fun way to get people involved in charities by including it in their daily routine. This is how it works: Charities register on Velloe for free, businesses list themselves on Velloe and take the 10% pledge, then consumers download the app so they can shop smart! Velloe allows users to log in and view all the socially responsible businesses in their area so they can make an informed decision about where they are shopping. All we ask is that when businesses generate more profits from Velloe, they donate at least 10% back to the charities they support.

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How is Velloe changing the world?

People are changing the way they shop. Consumers are focusing more on ensuring that what they’re shopping for is benefiting the world. Businesses are seeing the impact that volunteering and donating has on gaining loyal customers. Velloe makes it easier for everyone to connect to those businesses. By making socially responsible shopping easier, we will see a growth in customers shopping at Velloe-recommended local businesses that are giving back to their communities. As businesses gain customers, charities gain donations and the community becomes a better place! Check out our Virtuous Cycle.

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Key Stats

84% of people indicated that they would tell their friends and family about a company’s CSR efforts

84% of millennials choose what to buy and where to shop based on a company’s efforts

34% of millennials take to social media to share positive information about companies that are making a difference

85% of people are willing to switch brands to one that supports a good cause

Source: Cone Communications


The Virtuous Cycle

Velloe follows the virtuous cycle mentality. What goes around comes around. We believe that change starts with small actions. If we can get consumers to start shopping at socially responsible businesses, then we can encourage businesses to donate more to charities as they grow. We might even get some businesses to sign up to start donating! Once the cycle starts, charities will gain more support and communities will get to enjoy the awesome benefits from the Velloe virtuous cycle.


How Velloe Works

See our description pages to find out more about how Velloe works:


Who is Velloe?

Velloe is a dedicated team of Social Entrepreneurs located in Toronto, Canada and Cape Town, South Africa. We are working to bring a new level of social goodness. Here at Velloe, we are guided by our Missions and Values. We are looking forward to seeing a better world full of community engagement. We believe in giving back and creating a world full of goodness.

We’re here to help the many people who do good in the world – consumers, charities, fundraisers and socially responsible businesses. We partner with businesses and charities to provide socially conscious consumers with an opportunity to see how they can benefit the community by simply choosing to shop at companies that are dedicated to helping others.


How to make the world better

By joining Velloe as a consumer, charity or business you are already on the right path to making your world a better place!

How to Get Involved

  1. Register Here:
  2. Notify your local businesses about joining Velloe
  3. Share awesome news on our Velloe blog about your initiatives (written, photo and video submissions are welcome)

Spreading the word

Spread the love! Help us go viral! Notify local newspapers, magazines, online publications, bloggers and active social media gurus about our innovative app.

Spread the word by tweeting/posting/blogging and #Velloe on social media:

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  2. Facebook: Velloe
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  4. Instagram: velloeinc
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Contact Information

  • For press and media inquiries and interview requests – please contact us through our Velloe Contact Page and select the “Press and media inquiry” tab.
  • To see updates about Velloe, follow us on social media. You can find the Velloe social media account buttons on the footer of every page.

#Velloe : make your world better

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