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At Velloe, We Help GOOD, Win….

At Velloe, we know that being GOOD has its rewards.  Survey after survey says that consumer attitudes are changing to be more socially conscious. They also show that companies with a consistent set of values and a commitment to making the world a better place outperform businesses that aren’t committed to social responsibility. Velloe helps GOOD Businesses Win by standing out from the crowd with our innovative app and attracting socially conscious consumers.




Velloe helps you make the world around you better by allowing you to make informed decisions about where you shop.




Velloe allows socially responsible businesses to get their message out to socially conscious consumers. We help GOOD businesses, win.





Charities have a new way to engage with supporters and to help them benefit from their passion from what you do.



* This offer is available to new Businesses registering on Velloe. Your Velloe business listing will be free until September 30, 2016.



Social Responsibility Distinction
Local Market Listing
100% Mobile Friendly
One Click Connection with Charities
Mobile Access Anywhere
Connect with Supporters
Saved Client Profiles
On-line System Support
Built in Marketing Tools
World-Class Data Security
24/7 Online Availability
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Application Programming Interface (API) Integration to Other Systems

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