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4 Trends Charities can Expect in 2016

4 Trends Charities can Expect in 2016

Charities had an interesting 2015, with many being created to serve old needs with new tools. While some non-profits have been smart enough to adopt these new technologies, many are still lagging when it comes to engaging people in a way that they’d prefer in the modern age.

There are other things that non-profits can use to have a big year as well. Here’s what charities can look forward to in 2016:

The new year should see increasing charitable donations

The good news is that overall charitable giving is expected to increase. Charities and non-profits are expected to see their overall donations increase by 4.9% in 2016, showing that in spite of the recent tough economic times, that many people are still making the effort to give to their favorite causes.

Charities will see an increase in fundraising sources

Some old beliefs still hold true, as individuals and households still make up the majority of a charity’s fundraising. At 70% of all donations, they give far more than corporations and other organizations. However, foundation giving is expected to grow more than any other kind in 2016, so that distribution should change soon.

Some people might feel wary of the fact that major fundraising events decreased by 2.5%. The good news though is that smaller and newer peer-to-peer programs experienced growth. So while major organizations might have raised less, that’s because the money is flowing elsewhere to newer, innovative actors in the non-profit space.

Staff shortages increase the need for a cause-related marketing strategy

Charities will need to be flexible as 71% cited staff shortage as a challenge in the face of planning their digital strategy. Charities will continue to deal with a need for more people that funding can’t cover in 2016. So being creative with their fundraising and use of human resources is the best way to adjust.

Many charities are wise enough to use content marketing, as 92% use the tactic to promote their non-profit. However, due to pressing issues less than half have the time to make a documented strategy. Put in the effort to strategize your content, and it will do a better job of accomplishing your goals.

Mobile donations are increasing, direct mail newsletters are not

More and more donations are coming through mobile, as nearly 10% of donations come from mobile devices. Of all the donors who gave through email, 16.6% did so on a mobile device. Make your site easy to read on mobile and other non-desktop devices to take advantage of these donors who don’t want to give through traditional means.

Using direct mail has a purpose, but it’s usually more effective in fundraising appeals than for organization publications. In fact, a third of non profits aren’t sending any print newsletters at all. It’s unclear whether this is a trend that will continue, but just be sure that you don’t discount direct mail in your fundraising efforts.


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As you can tell, things are looking great for charities in 2016, but they’ll have to make some adjustments in order to keep up. Follow the advice in this article and you’ll have a great new year!

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