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How Charities Can Engage Millennials

How Charities Can Engage Millennials

Millennials are a very giving generation, as their habits fly in the face of many of the stereotypes about them. Many peg them as a selfish generation, yet 87% of them donated at least $100 to charity in the past year. Clearly they want to make the world better through donations and social change. But there’s still a lot of opportunity to do more, here are some ways charities can help engage them.

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Give them a chance to use their skills

Millennials like donating money, but they are much more inclined to do actual work where they can see the benefits directly. Over 95%% would prefer using their skills over donating money to charities, and while charities can always use the funds, they have to be happy about having that library of resources and skills at their disposal. It would be a waste to not leverage that.

Give millennials an opportunity to use those skills towards a benefit or cause they care about, and 77% say they’ll be more likely to volunteer. With 70% of millennials volunteering for at least an hour in 2014, they’re backing up their desire to help. If you know someone who is a good writer, ask them to volunteer their services to help with your website. They’d love helping your charity while adding to their portfolio. Give a chef an opportunity to help cook for one of your events, they’d love the promotion. There are innumerable ways to turn these donations of skill into a win-win partnership, so tap into those resources and start building up your charity.

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Make it fun

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a very popular and recent example. The contest required participants to dump an ‘ice bucket’ on their heads and challenge others to do the same. People would be pressed to donate or take part, and many did both. It was a viral sensation, mainly because people loved the creative and fun ways in which they could challenge their friends while making a difference. Look for feel-good initiatives that don’t require too much effort and are easily sharable with friends.

Many millennial employees have also donated through their employers, once again showcasing the fact that they’re more willing to give if you just give them an opportunity. 48% of millennial employees have donated to some kind of giving campaign through their work, a number made more impressive considering many of the employment issues that they’re facing.

Engage all your employees with interesting charity projects and you can boost participation.

Relationship with non-profits

Millennials are keener on understanding everything about who you are than previous generations, as 88% of them will check the “About Us” page of your website before going through anything else on your site. They also prefer to learn more about not-for-profits through Facebook pages, where 67% have checked out non-profits. Don’t expect them to use Facebook as a channel to donate though, since only 3% have done so.

As mentioned earlier, millennials want to do more than donate, and that’s why 61% have done so. More than 40% plan to do more volunteering than they currently do, sweet music to any charity’s ears. Yet millennials aren’t just great allies to charities because of their desire to volunteer, but also because they are willing to tap into their networks. More than 70% have raised funds for charities by asking their families and friends, creating a large army of advocates any non-profit would love to have access to.


As you can tell, engaging millennials is a worthwhile endeavor for any charity. Follow these tips and you’ll raise funds as well as your profile!

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