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Digital Marketing Tips for Your Charity

Digital Marketing Tips for Your Charity

Regardless of the size of your not-for-profit, taking advantage of digital marketing is a top priority. Virtually every user’s first experience with your organization, whether they’re a volunteer, fundraiser, or just an interested party, will occur online.

A key to digital marketing is to make sure that your entire online presence is in sync with each other. You want the tone in your social media posts to reflect your website, which is in line with your emails, etc. You also want all of your potential users to be able to appreciate, rather than just appealing to certain segments of your audience. How can you accomplish this?

Keep your charity website simple

The first rule of thumb is that your website should be easy to navigate and readily answer whatever questions a user may have. People normally go to your website for information or directions on working with your charity, so make it straightforward for them to find what they’re looking for.

Make sure your pages are well written and get points across succinctly. Sentences should be short and to the point. Your users will usually want the information quickly, and without distracting advertisements and scrolling banners.

Use headings to break up the pages so that users have reference points. People like to skim what they read, so they don’t necessarily want to come to your site and see an essay without any breaks or links.

Use social media to go beyond your charity’s mission

Social media channels aren’t just tools for promotion, they provide engaging content to users looking for ways to pass the time in a way that feels meaningful. By sharing media about the great work your charity does, you can inspire people directly through your work.

Share photos of the benefits of the work that your charity does in the community, or stories of people who love volunteering for you. Using a free image editor to superimpose quotes on pictures is particularly effective at garnering likes and reposts.

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Use email in your cause-related marketing strategy

Email gets people to commit to taking action far more than social media. Since many more people use email over social media, it’s hard to discount.

When people give you their email addresses, be respectful but know that they gave it for a reason. Feel free to send them targeted emails that you know they’ll enjoy, and will get them to engage with your charity.

There are email service providers you can use like Mailchimp that let you embed an email sign-up form on your website. Offer an incentive to get them to fill it out like free downloadable content that they want and they’ll be more willing to hear you out when you email them in the future. So long as you keep giving them great content, of course.

Make sure your site is accessible on smartphones and other mobile devices

As has been mentioned before on this site, making sure that your website is mobile-friendly is key to giving the best user experience. Many people’s first experience with your website will be on their phone or tablet, so making sure it’s just as smooth on those portable devices is vital.

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Use analytics software to target potential donors

If you’re running a website with decent web traffic, then it pays to use Google Analytics. Their acquisition/overview reports will show you where all your traffic is coming from, as well as what the bounce rate is (the percentage of people who leave your site without browsing very much).

Looking at your top traffic sources will let you understand what’s working and what isn’t, while giving you ideas on which channels to exploit to boost your website growth. Their behaviours report will also let you know what the top performing pages are, giving you an idea of where to put your calls to action.



Some of these elements, like making your site responsive, may take time to develop if you haven’t addressed them already. But with these tips, you’ll be able to get your digital marketing strategy up and running to keep your charity successful well into the future.

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