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Fundraising in the Digital Age

Fundraising in the Digital Age

Many charities have had successful fundraising campaigns, and are trying to figure out how to adjust in the digital age.

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Here are some tips to help make the transition:

Responsive design wins

Using a responsive website is a significant differentiator for charity websites. Responsive design ensures that your site is visible on mobile phones and online devices other than desktop computers. More and more users are increasingly browsing the internet on their phones amongst these other devices, so it makes sense to design your site so that they can.

Responsive design provides a boon to your fundraising efforts as well. Charity websites that are responsive have a 34% higher conversion rate for their goals when compared to websites designed for desktop computers only. Only 42% of all tested websites were responsive, showing that there’s still a sizable number of charities that haven’t gotten on-board yet. This means that there’s still a lot of opportunity for those that adapt quickly.

If you needed even more motivation to make your website responsive, charities that went to a responsive design improved their donation figures by a whopping 126%. Make your website available on mobile, and you will notice a positive difference.

Breaking down fund sources

For every thousand visitors you have to your website, you can expect to raise about $612. Eighty of those visitors will make a donation, showing that your donors represent a small section of your overall web viewership. The average one-time donation is $82, while monthly donations average out to about $22/month. Consistent donations add up in the long run despite the greater initial value of a one-time donation, but those single gifts are still an important part of any charity’s fundraising strategy. Strategize how you’d like to balance the two.

Charities receive a large amount of funds from a small group of people when it comes to their complete donor list as well. Over 88% of a charity’s funds come from just 12% of their donors. While you have to appreciate every dollar you get, it only makes sense to put more effort towards that 12% of people that drive your charity.

While most of the money comes from a small group, the vast majority of Americans are unaware as 75% believe they donate more than average. In reality, just over 70% contribute at a rate below the national average.

Charity Bike Ride

People aged 55-64 are some of the most generous crowdfunders. Crowdfunding is a process where a project in need of finances uses an online platform to request donations from people. It’s a great tool for charity ventures that have a specific goal in mind, as many potential donors would love to see an immediate result from their charitable contribution. Many in their golden years have disposable income they’d like to see go towards a social initiative with an end goal on the horizon, so this is an ideal group to share your charitable ventures with.

The Value of Email

While many charities only think of their website and social media when it comes to online contributions and promotion, email is actually a very viable method of engaging potential donors. Many people prefer to get information about a charity or cause in a newsletter-type format, and email is the perfect way to share engaging stories that people want directly.

The benefits extend to your fundraising efforts too. One-third of all a charity’s online donations come through email. Clearly it’s a method of contribution that many are comfortable and feel secure with. Use targeted email campaigns to drive interest for specific causes, and people will be willing to donate directly through their email account.


Tis the giving season

Thanksgiving and Christmas are time-honored traditions revolved around being thankful for what you have and giving to others. It’s no surprise then that charities experience a spike in funding at the end of the year, as 31% of all donations happen in the month of December. In the last three days alone they receive 12%. Ramp up your marketing campaigns at the end of the year so you can take part in the giving season.



As you can tell, fundraising in the modern age requires a more complex strategy than it did previously, but there are dividends that will make it worth your while. Follow these tips and raise your funds to new heights.

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