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Using Print Marketing to Grow Your Business

Using Print Marketing to Grow Your Business

Printed marketing materials are some of the most effective tools small businesses have at their disposal. Someone who’s just encountered your business might not have had enough time to be sold on it. They won’t always remember to come back, or have time to visit your website later.

Giving them a brochure fosters a stronger connection to your company offline. By offering them a physical reminder of your business to take with them, they’re more likely to reference it later. The key is to coordinate your brochure with your online strategy. Don’t create printed marketing materials in a vacuum, make a plan.

Keep things consistent with your online brand message

When people meet you, they may already have an impression of your small business or charity due to what they’ve read online. Capturing that online interest and reflecting it in your offline marketing materials is vital.

You want your brand message to be consistent throughout all your marketing channels. These pamphlets and flyers can also be used to push people online as well. It’s essential that the transition is smooth.

Use customer and market research to improve marketing materials

Client research can help your small business create the most effective paper marketing materials. Think of all your ideal clients and what makes them ideal. What initially closed the sale, and what keeps the relationship happy? Think of how they first contacted your business, and what happened during that initial impression that made them ideal clients.

How to start your printed marketing kit

Using the research you’ve accumulated, take time and money to come up with creative materials that represent your brand. Don’t default to the same old strategy you’ve used in the past. Keep the message consistent, but spend the time making the printed marketing materials unique and interesting in their own right. That will make them feel more current.

Come up with a call to action for each piece of printed material that leads to a measured goal. If you want more visitors to your website, create it towards that purpose. If you want to attract more people towards your physical store, use in-store deals on flyers that appeal to those researched clients.

Set of Marketing Printed Materials

Planning Printed Marketing Materials

Based on the above, you’ll want to start putting together your kit. Use online branding to keep your marketing materials consistent. So that means that much of your design and tone in communication will be prepared for you.

Still, you will have to come up with a unique approach to help it stand out. You’ll want to write the brochure from an extremely customer-focused perspective. Since there’s no interaction like on a website, everything will have to be catered to what the reader wants and can’t ask about.

That customer-focused perspective is why you should create customer profiles to target.

Come up with buyer personas that represent the potential client you want to pursue. Target these people in your brochures so that you’re more likely to reach them effectively.

Creating Printed Marketing Materials

Think of the important copy points that really get across your company’s goals and outline them in the sales brochure. Think of the best way to articulate them to potential clients, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it. Your writing and taglines have to really get their attention, so spend as much time as necessary in crafting it.

Use images that capture attention. Make them visually appealing and eye-grabbing. Your brochure will be competing with lots of other printed materials for attention. Create a design that’s just overt enough to make people stop and read.

Why you should use print marketing materials

Print marketing hasn’t disappeared just because online advertising has taken over. Most businesses still rely on face-to-face interactions. These situations are best aided by flyers and business-promoting pamphlets. A business card or handshake can help end things on a strong note, but using printed marketing materials can really boost the interaction.

Printed marketing materials also serve the purpose of allowing you to try different marketing ideas to see what sticks. Your website is usually more static, and it’s not the best idea to change things up too much once you’ve established your brand. But marketing materials offer you the opportunity to try different ideas and really test out what works best for your business.



The key to a successful marketing campaign sometimes means taking a trip to yesteryear. Keep on working on your online presence, but utilize some printed materials to help your business have a well-rounded marketing approach. Your brand message will reach more channels and you’ll have the chance to reach more customers.

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