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My Life as a Rescue Dog

My Life as a Rescue Dog

Woof woof! My name is Clancy, I’m a Bichon Frise that was kept in a puppy mill as a breeding dog. A puppy mill is an unsanitary place where they keep us locked up and mass-produce dogs to sell in pet stores, or directly to customers on the internet. Luckily me and my friends were rescued and went to go stay in foster homes until we found our fur-ever homes! When I met my family, it was an interesting change, I had a brother that was around to teach me how to live in a home with humans. It was scary at first but now I love my family very much and I even get to run around and play! Here is a picture of me when I was first adopted taking a nap with my big bro:


And here I am today, (I still like taking naps)


Looking forward to sharing more stories with you, and hearing some of yours!

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