Velloe Virtuous Cycle

We enjoy living in our communities, but we know things can be better. Making a contribution is great, but creating a cycle of virtue with businesses that donate can make life better for everyone. Cause-related marketing can help clarify the options, but where should we start?


  • Over 90% of consumers want companies to do more than make a profit.

While you like to do good things in your own life, you feel like there should be a way to make things better on a bigger scale. There are plenty of people in your community that need help, and you want a better way to give it to them.

  • Shop at businesses that are socially responsible and make a difference with your wallet.

Where and what you buy has a big impact on your community. By choosing to spend your money consciously at businesses that donate to charities you care about, you can be the start of social change.





  • Give businesses that donate to good causes an incentive

Businesses prioritize their bottom line and don’t always have the resources to commit to social change or cause-related marketing. But if consumers commit to products and services that make a difference, then businesses will have to adapt to serve them.

  • Create a marketplace where social responsibility is the standard

In order to keep up in this community-based economy, businesses that donate will pledge to give part of their revenues to a charity. This will directly contribute to social progress, creating an environment where businesses will have to do good in order to do better.


  • Charities are better able to carry out their missions

With a socially responsible economy bringing more money to charities, they no longer have to allocate so many resources towards fundraising. They can spend more time and effort contributing to their mission with better projects and cause-related marketing. By fostering a market where doing good for others is expected, charities reap the benefits and help out everyone in the community.

  • Charities build a greater network to support their cause

This relationship also creates more opportunities for charities to boost their own resources. By connecting with businesses that donate and customers that are supportive of their cause, that builds their network of allies and advocates upon which they can call on.




By encouraging this chain of events, you’re creating a socially responsible marketplace where products and services that help the community win out.

  • Those who were previously left behind can now do better things in their own community

Since they now feel like they have opportunity to make their own lives better, people who were at a disadvantage can now feel comfortable helping others. This is the idea behind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and why making things better for the less fortunate makes things better for us all.

  • That all leads to a better community for YOU

People feel much more satisfied living towards a cycle that encourages the positive growth of everything around them. With all this money from businesses that donate and energy from socially conscious consumers being used to help local charities, that makes cause-related marketing the norm creating a better community for you to live in.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs



We hope the Velloe Virtuous Cycle can help you push to create a community where goodness flows through every channel. Mahatma Gandhi famously said that it’s up to us to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. We believe that social responsibility should be a priority for every stakeholder and with the help of the cycle, you can make that a reality.


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