You: The Socially Conscious Consumer

You have a superpower, and we need you to save the world. 

Your superpower is called doing GOOD simply by choosing how you spend. Alright, it doesn’t sound as cool as super-human strength but it is very powerful and it can improve your world more than you think! When you shop at socially responsible businesses, you are not only getting the items that you need but also shopping with a purpose. Now you can feel good about ordering that dessert because you’re also helping a local business and that business now has more funds to donate meals to the local homeless shelter. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN!

Velloe is an innovative new app that allows you to identify businesses that give back to the community. You can now choose to support authentic businesses based on what charities you support (and also discover some awesome new shops and restaurants in your area). Velloe asks businesses to take the 10% pledge to commit to doing even more good as their business succeeds, so let’s empower them to give back!

Reasons to Velloe:

  • It’s as simple as looking at the Velloe app before you walk into a business
  • You will discover some awesome new local businesses and their causes
  • You will feel good knowing that you are spending your money in a socially conscious way
  • You will be supporting local businesses and charities, which means your community will thrive from all the good you are feeding it

I will use my powers for good:

Download the Velloe app from the Apple App Store       Download the Velloe app from the Google Play

#Velloe : make your world better

Together We Can Make The World Better